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Corporate culture has long been linked to company performance, but how exactly are the two related? Join us as the owners of midsized firms expose the practices and performance measures that have advanced them into the ranks of Workplace Champions.

Dec 28, 2017

Indianapolis, Indiana - As companies grow and advance beyond their entrepreneurial roots talent often becomes a major growth hurdle for companies that must steadily enhance their talent best practices if they are going to meet the demands of an expanding workforce. Join us when Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Seven Corners, explains how talent became the primary path for opening a new chapter of growth for the international travel insurance firm.


Guest: Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Company: Seven Corners

Headquartered: Indianapolis, Indiana

Ownership: Privately Held

Revenues: $40 Million

Employees: 150

Contacts: @sevencorners (Twitter)


From Brett’s Strategy Note

  • BIG step to get outside help.

  • Apollo – proactive, structure

  • Need for new ideas , innovation

  • Transparency

  • KPIs

  • THANK people


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