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Corporate culture has long been linked to company performance, but how exactly are the two related? Join us as the owners of midsized firms expose the practices and performance measures that have advanced them into the ranks of Workplace Champions.

Feb 21, 2018

Featuring CFO Thought Leaders

3107454Few names are better known in the realm of multiplatform games than Unity Technologies. The software developer’s focus on “democratized game development” has primed the pump for independent game producers and led Unity to boast that its technology is already responsible for roughly 70 percent of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. With few competitors in sight, Unity Technologies CFO Mike Foley says that the developer has begun to leverage a concept dubbed “radical transparency” that aspires to endow every employee with a generous look-see at the financials.

As a one-time IT systems engineer, Phong Le has a finance career whose early roots run deep inside the technology realm, where today he serves as CFO of MicroStrategy—one of the data world’s pioneering innovators. Join us to hear Phong explain how burgeoning data insights are summoning finance leaders to become the organizational catalyst for quicker business decision-making.